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Pre-Tan Prep

  1. Hair & Nails: Any hair removal you plan to do must be done as a first step meaning if you shave start there if you wax get waxed first. Also, it is preferable that you get your Nails done prior to getting your tan. You can get them done afterward but it is not the order we recommend.
  2. Exfoliate: For the best results you should exfoliate sometime in the 24 hours before your appointment. Exfoliating means using either a scrub or scrubby gloves to lightly massage every inch of your body from head to toe. Pay special attention to your knees, elbows, inside of knees and elbows, between breasts, neck, ankles, tops of feet, and armpits. Your skin must be clean when you come in that means no lotion or leave on body product for 4 hours before you come in. If you exfoliate more than 4 hours before it is ok to moisturize after. The exception is for products for your face, it is ok to wear face moisturizer and most makeup to your appointment.
  3. What to Bring: Women can wear anything from nothing to shorts and a tank top during their tan and about 95% of women go nude or wear a thong. Choose what to wear during the tan based on the tan lines it will leave. Our tanning solution washes out of most fabrics. Men must wear bottoms that cover their genitalia.
  4. You should bring clothes to wear afterward that are dark in color and either loose or stretchy. Anything that is tight enough to indent the skin is a no no. Women who do not wear a bra during the tan must wait for 2 hours to put it back on. Also there is no wearing tight socks after and feet cannot sweat so keep that in mind when choosing footwear. After 2 hours you can put a bra on and change into other tighter clothing if you like, but white is not recommended until after your first shower.

Post-Tan Care

  1. Don’t Get Wet: While your tan is developing is important that you do not get your skin wet or sweat. Depending on how hot it is the sweating part can be a challenge. The development time depends upon the formula you got. Our regular VIP solution stays on 8-12 hours. If you are not sure how long to keep it on please call us and ask. If you do get wet don’t panic call, email, or text us and we will fix it.
  2. Moisturize: Everyone no matter their skin type should moisturize after their first shower. This one step will improve your results immensely. The more you moisturize after that the better your tan will look for longer. If your skin feels dry after, your tan fades fast or cracks, or wears unevenly please let your tech know. We can either tweak your service or provide products or advice on how to avoid these outcomes.
  3. Enjoy: Your airbrush tan should last between 5-14 days. The only no no’s while you have your tan are waxing and nay exfoliation. Everything else you have heard of such as swimming are just things that dry your skin out so you need to balance that out with moisturizer or your tan will fade. After about day 4 or 5 and as late as day 14 , when you are done with the tan or it starts to have flaws just exfoliate the same way you did before your tan and your tan will scrub away. The length of time the tan lasts varies based on lifestyle and skin type. Your tan is guaranteed so if there is any question or concerns please contact us.