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Q: Will I turn orange?
A: Of course not! Our solution is very high quality, custom made and one of a kind– So, no you won’t unless you have dry flaky skin, then those areas will tend to be a bit on the orange side.

The GOOD NEWS… it’s totally preventable. To help prevent such outcomes, exfoliating beforehand is crucial. Moisturizing is a must for those with dry, flaky skin. (Nourished skin is an airbrush tan’s best friend!)

Note: Don’t moisturize right before you come in, we’re talking 4 hours before your appointment, minimum and don’t use any oil based moisturizer for at least 24 hours before your apt.

Q: How long is my flawless tan going to last?
A: Our tans have the potential to last from 1-2 weeks. Its duration will partly depend on your skin type (tans don’t last as long on dry skin), how well you prepare, and how well you take care of it afterwards… Lotion about twice as much as you normally should and your tan will last to its full potential! Also, if you are very active such as a cross-fitter or avid runner, swimmer, etc. It won’t last quite as long. For those people, we recommend our monthly unlimited membership which is roughly the price of two tans for UNLIMINTED flawless tans.

Q: What do I wear while being tanned?
A: This is totally up to you and your level of comfort. 90% of our clients are nude (females only) to avoid any tan lines. The other 10% is a variation between just underwear, underwear and bra, or swimsuit. Some women even wear tank tops. Again, it’s up to you!

Q: What do I wear to the salon?
A: Although most people are nude while being sprayed, we suggest you wear clothes to and from the salon. ;)vThat being said, we also suggest loose fitting clothing and clothes that won’t absorb the solution (rayon or nylon are best). We see plenty of people wear athletic gear, and that fabric seems to work just great. Stay away from skinny jeans! Bras are another issue. We suggest you go without them, at least for the first few hours after a spray. Whatever you decide to wear, plan on wearing that outfit for the remainder of the 8 hours post tan. As far as footwear goes, flip flops are best (non-felted), especially the plastic ones. This is true whether it is rain or shine! When it is raining, of course a loose rain jacket with a hood and an umbrella is necessary.

Oh, and please leave any white clothes at home.

Q: How long do I have to wait to shower after I am tanned?
A: We strongly suggest a good, solid 8 hours of wearing the solution. Although we do have a quick drying solution that is done within 2-4 hours (depending on the skin type–call for more info), most people use the normal or organic solution. Please note that any sort of liquid will remove the solution and result in an uneven or blotchy tan. It’s best to avoid any type of moisture on the skin during your “incubation” period of 8 hours, which includes sweating, sorry… no hot yoga ladies!

Q: So can I sleep in the solution?… Will it stain my beautiful white sheets?
A: A lot of our clients prefer to visit us for an evening appointment so that they can sleep in it. So yes, you can sleep in the solution (please see below note for exceptions), and yes it will likely turn your white sheets dingy. Any other color will be fine after a wash. Just be mindful of anything white! People we suggest DO NOT sleep in it: If you sweat heavily in your sleep, or you are someone who regularly sleeps with their hands folded between their legs or on the face. This will cause your hands to look pretty terrible and could cause a handprint on our body. Lastly, if you are someone that is prone to breakouts, we don’t suggest leaving it on overnight on your face. For these people we will typically not spray their face and the client can match their tan with makeup.

Q: I have dry skin, is there anything extra I should do?
A: There are a few helpful tips we’d like to give to those with dry skin: You need to hydrate as best as possible. This includes drinking extra water starting a couple days prior to your appointment up to a few days after your appointment to ensure the best, longest lasting tan. We also suggest that you exfoliate thoroughly 4 hours prior to the appointment, and use plenty of lotion after your exfoliating shower. Any especially dry areas you have such as shins you want to make a point to moisturize them at 2 hours before your appt. You can also moisturize the hands ONLY right up until your appointment. (Don’t go above the wrist) After waiting the recommended 8 hours, you should also moisturize more than you normally should to keep the tan locked in, about twice as much as you normally would or SHOULD. Moisture is key!

Q: When should I shave or wax?
A: Shaving: The minimum we would recommend is 4 hours prior to your appointment. To avoid a freckling effect on your shaved areas, do not shave within the four hours prior. Using a cold water rinse over the areas you shaved after shaving will help prevent this also. Waxing: Waxing can be done right up until you get your tan, just be sure to tell your technician that you just got waxed. For this reason, we are now offering a combo service at our Bridgeport Salon only. We can do a bikini line (American wax) and an armpit wax immediately before your airbrush. Check our online booking for services and prices. We currently do not offer independent waxing services. This is a convenience service for our clients that don’t want to go to multiple locations.

The only people we don’t recommend wax immediately before a tan are people who’s skin gets highly bumpy and irritated after a wax.

Q: I need to work out…Can I do that after my tan?
A: Just like our previous advice about not getting wet for 8 hours after your appointment, you should not workout, just in case you sweat, as the sweat will remove your tan. Don’t let your dog lick you either; this is also a form of moisture and will give you a spot.

Q: Ok my tan looks great, but I want to swim, in a chlorine pool – good idea?
A: That is a fine idea. But please make sure to follow the rules:

  1. Rinse your body off with fresh water BEFORE swimming. This will hydrate your skin
  2. Shower right after the pool time. Since chlorine is drying and your tan needs water,
  3. I can’t tell you enough – moisturize. Grab the lotion, lather, and repeat. so your skin won’t need to hydrate itself with the chlorinated water.
  4. you must rinse/shower again with fresh water after your pool time.

**Be sure your 8 hours and initial shower and moisture application has already taken place.

Q: Do men use our airbrush tanning services?
A: Of course! We have plenty clients of the male gender. We do ask you respect our dress code policy. The groin area needs to be covered (thongs are fine), but most men wear regular underwear.

Q: I’m flying on an airplane within the first 8 hours and won’t have time to shower… Is that a horrible idea?
A: No, it’s not a horrible idea, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Here’s why: since you can’t get any form of liquid on your skin that first 8 hours, we prefer you are in a controlled environment. Airplanes and airports are not predictable. If you have to run to your next gate and work up a sweat, good bye tan. If the guy next to you on the airplane spills his drink on you, good bye tan. Yes, these things could also happen outside of an airplane, but on a normal occasion you would be able to take advantage of our 3-day perfect tan guarantee and come back into the salon for a touch up. It’s hard for us to fix your tan once you land in Mexico.

Life saver: We do sell 3 oz. (TSA approved carry-on size) cans of touch up spray, should you feel like having a back-up plan. It’s also a good idea just to have on any trip, vacation, or wedding expedition.

Q: Should I spray my face? (Even if I have bad breakouts?)
A: The face is always optional. If you break out easily, a good option may be to opt out. However, if you need it tanned, it would be a good idea for you to come in at an early hour of the day for an appointment (instead of an evening appointment) to avoid sleeping with the solution on your face. That will help minimize the break outs tremendously. If you don’t have a problem with break outs, some people still opt out and use make up to blend the neck with the face. Some people prefer that the face be the same color. This is fine, and we can spray the face. If you feel like your face is dryer than other areas on your body, you may want to utilize the option of going over the face area twice. Again, we also have handy dandy travel sized bottles of tan extender lotions and mini cans of our actual solutions to keep your face from fading fast!

Q: What soaps and lotions am I supposed to use?
A: In general, any mild soap should be okay. Stay away from anything with a strong smell. Good oils to use are either coconut or grapeseed. PLEASE NOTE: Do not use oils 24 hours before your appointment as they do a really good job at locking in the moisture and creating a barrier so your skin won’t absorb the solution like it should. Application tip: When washing in the shower with your mild soap (after your tan is applied), use only your hand, rather than a rough wash cloth or loofah.

Q: Is your organic solution just as effective as the regular solution?
A: Absolutely. Just like our regular solution our Organic is very high quality, and of course it is customizable to each client’s needs. This solution is also awesome for clients who tend to have dryer skin! (It’s also the same price, so why not try it out?) Exceptions: For whatever reason, if you have age spots, we don’ recommend the organic solution as it tends to bring those spots out, and the regular solution tends to hide them better.

Q: I’m getting married…What do you suggest I do as far as timing?
A: If you have never been into our salon before, we recommend you come in for at least one test tan. (We have a convenient 3-pack or membership plan that helps bring the cost down). That way, you can see what color you really want for your big day, be able to adjust for areas of your body that didn’t react evenly to the application of the solution, and if you time things correctly, you can use these practice tans for your bridal shower, bachelorette party, etc.

Don’t go to a dress fitting, don’t slip into your white gown, and don’t go near it, until your first shower (8 hours after your appointment).

If you have been into our salon and know what color/shade you would like…
Timing: We recommend you come in to get your beautiful bronze glow 2-3 days before your wedding day.

Q: Why would I want a beautiful, natural looking, glowing bronze tan?
A: Contrary to what you may think, summer is actually our busiest time! No one wants to go sport a bikini or swimsuit without a bronze glow in the middle of summer. Of course we do have our steady clients who glow all year round. (Memberships are totally available with no shiesty contract requirements).

A list of reasons to get tan (in case you had a hard time coming up with a few):

  1. Birthdays
  2. Holidays
  3. Anniversaries
  4. Family Photos
  5. Senior Pictures
  6. Professional Photos
  7. Vacations
  8. Trips of any kind
  9. Winter Blues Pick Me Ups
  10. Christmas Parties
  11. Work Functions
  12. Halloween Parties
  13. Valentines
  14. Interviews
  15. Prom
  16. Winter Formals
  17. Because You Deserve It